Friday, November 4, 2011

Video of Performance

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

O.k. a bit more on the horse

Lucky in the Sun

Lovely profile

The literal opening of sculpture

Business cards

Looking pretty cultish here

Suprise unveiling


Inside reading a story


Looks big next to little boy

Moving the horse the old school way

Taking horse for a walk

Strong friends

Luckys temporary home, looking for a new owner
Great shadow
Phileas Fogg on da back of me 'os


Monday, July 11, 2011

Final horse installment

Start of head

Pieces forged into shape to build head features

Head pretty much finished

Eye Eye

Head and body finshed but still no legs! suspended from ceiling

Hole cut out chest to insert heavy duty hinge

Hinge to be inserted so whole head can be hinged down to allow enough space in the workshop to attach legs

Hinge attached head hanging down

Tubular armature for legs as weight of horse proved too much to be suported by shoes alone

Finished horse out in the open!








Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Metal Horse

Starting with the spine
There is an arts festival unpcoming here in Kinsale, and upon hearing that the theme was horses, I proposed to the artistic director that |I make a full size horse out of horse shoes, and thus  I was commissioned to do so, An image of a horse made from is own waste, horse shit you say, well no because that is a product used by gardeners, but the reality is that millions of horse shoes are left to rust, often buried, so I resurrected them, de-nailed, straightened and cleaned them and began assembling them into this most beautiful of animals. which fits in pretty well with my general sculptural ascetic of  making sculpture from waste, upcycled scupture or junk art I preffer to think of it as making art in the most sustinble way, and creating something beautiful from sometihng that would other wise be chucked away so heres some images of it in development:

beginnings of head



Starting to take shape

Using sketch as template

Sculpture suspended on string


Neck joining spine ass and underbelly together

Beginning of rib cage, everything can be built off this form now

Rib cage, ass and neck growing now, much hammering and contemplating to get shoes into the right place, like a 3d jigsaw but with the solution floating in my head

Really starting to take shape now

The top of head developing and front of face in position