Tuesday, July 5, 2011

totem pole finished!

Back of the sun theres a door which has fixings to connect the two parts of the totem pole together and candlesticks to enable the sun to glow at night

View from below

Industrial Chihuahua, robot chihuahua?

Theres a frog on my head, in native american tradition a frog symbolises healing, which is ironic because when i carved it, i cut myself pretty badly

notice knife and fork in hands

Suns features painstakingly drilled out, so can be illuminated from inside

A bee made from a gas bottle valve, symbolising community

The totem pole in full

Back, notice real laces sewing up the back of the mexican wrestlers mask

Previous sculpture looking on at the new creation

Signed, Love and Anarchy

Job done, where's me beer?

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