Artish statement

I enjoy creativity and feel lucky to have been able to use it as a tool for personal and social development.
My work has changed over the years but there's a general thread of exploring hierarchies and alternative power.
I've trained as a Blacksmith and a Puppeteer and use a range of skills on public and private commissions, installations, performances and collaborations both within a community context and with individual artists.
I've a passion for kinetic sculpture and this took me to learn about bike power, and have produced several human powered interactive kinetic sculptures, I've also ran bike power workshops and completed various bike themed commissions under the name Non-Toxic Machines.
Thru my puppetry training I developed a love of carved wood and used this to great effect on a recent commission of a traditional/industrial totem pole.
Puppetry also brought me to work with many different community groups which I found rewarding and has nourished my practice as a whole.
I also have a more practical side to my work, and create tools, wood burners, furniture and other projects to fulfil a clients needs.
I recently founded Divert Design; a company that utilises waste material to create beautiful and useful items, such as bags and wallets created from inner tubes.