My C.V.!

Old Schoolhouse, Acres,
Kinsale, Co. Cork.
Phone: 0861776468

      Rob Ireson    C.V.

Personal Statement:
I'm currently working as a full time artist with an interest in community and environmental issues
  • Designed and created a contemporary wood and metal totem pole for a Native-American/Mexican catering company.
  • Founded 'Divert Design' a company that reuses waste to create practical and beautiful objects, shown at several exhibitions and markets. Also ran workshops at
Glastonbury festival under this name creating bags and purses from inner tubes.
  • Taught Permaculture evening class at Kinsale Community School with another tutor
  • Co-Founded the Glen Studios; an art space dedicated to sustainable practice (
  • Facilitated a group of traveller men, with Traveller Visibility Group in Cork City in the
re-learning old crafts and making of a copper sign for their centre,.
  • Organised 'Non-Toxic machines' a bike power space at the Electric Picnic Festival
  • Ran bike power and bike trailer making workshops at 'The Hollies' Centre for sustainability (
  • Exhibited and ran workshops at Cork Cycling festival (
  • Returned to La Cambalacha ( to teach giant mask making for a puppetry performance.
  • Worked with Corcadorca ( producing set for 'The Hairy Ape' show
  • Completed a two month residency at Mantua Arts space in Roscommon followed by a two month residency at the Reliance Building; a temporary reclaimed artspace in Cork city.
This culminated in an installation and performance piece exploring power issues
  • Worked with Mahon youth project modifying bikes for a 'Pimp my Bike' project, for the
' Rebel Pedal Parade', a giant bike ride and picnic to coincide with car-free day.
  • Worked with Mayfield Community Arts ( in facilitating a group of young people in the making of a bike themed mural.
  • Co-organised Cork Cycling Arts Festival
  • Worked as a youth worker in Nicaragua on a cross cultural mural project organised by Mayfield Community Arts
  • Created five bicycle powered sculptures in a collaboration with Cork Community Bikes, for the 'Festival of the Bulls' in Blackpool
  • Worked with Mayfield Community Arts on a international youth exchange running street art workshops. Also ran a series of puppetry workshops for youth in Mayfield
  • Created a bike powered soundsystem and lighting system for the Electric Picnic and a box-bike for the Rebel Pedal Parade.
  • Collaborated with another sculptor to create a large 'fire crab' sculpture installation for the Connemara Roots Festival on Inishbofin island.
  • Designed and and built a set for 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' In C.I.T.

  • Founded Tangle Theatre an innovative puppetry group
  • Commissioned by St Patrick's Festival Cork to create a mixed media puppet show on bikes; 'Bikers with Ratitiude', utilising music, recorded dialogue, marionettes and hand puppets
  • Under the Tangle Theatre name completed a series of puppetry and shadow puppetry workshops in St Rayfields in Youghal.
  • Wrote puppet show 'I'm Free' and performed it in Guatemala and England.
  • Travelled to Guatemala to work at Maya Pedal, a project creating bike machines for the
  • benefit of the community ( and La Cambalacha, a youth project where I taught puppet making and manipulation.
  • Completed a community street art project in Mayfield, where I facilitated youth in decorating a library bus with images and quotations
  • Trained in Prague in traditional puppet making and puppet manipulation, performing puppet shows around the Czech Republic and Austria.
  • Worked with Enable Ireland facilitating young adults with learning difficulties to create carnival puppets for the St Patrick's Day Parade. Also worked with teenagers in a Justice project in The Glen creating giant puppets for the same parade.
  • Worked with Cork Community Circus and Compagnie Doedel on a sculpture project creating 3 giant metal fire breathing gargoyles. Also created several theatrical bikes.
  • Worked with the participants from the Cope Foundation and transition year students on a creative project exploring recycling
  • Worked in the National Sculpture Factory to create art pieces for two solo exhibitions.
  • Built a set for Corcadorca innovative theatre show 'Gathering Steam'
  • Facilitated workshops with youth in Midelton, where storytelling and puppetry was used to create a short film and a exhibition of mosaics and puppets
  • Performed with the 'Material Theatre Company' as a physical Theatre dancer, to well received shows in Cork and Glasgow
  • Facilitated several groups of adults with learning difficulties through a programme of creative metal work at N.T.D.I., Hollyhill
  • Worked with Mick Muclaty as a Blacksmith
  • Built set with Cork Community Artlink for theatre piece; 'The Difference Engine'
  • Worked with a team of artists to create a permanent art installation in an house in Oxford
  • Collaborated with performer Liz Hart on writing and performing shows around Spain
  • Designed and made two permanent public metal sculptures for a park in Oxford. Also as part of the same project facilitated a community tile making workshop to create two mosaics
  • Community art worker for the RAP project working with youth groups around Oxford on projects ranging from graffiti to film making.
  • Worked with homeless youth for the 'Fast Forward' project in Oxford, teaching art.
  • Gallery assistant at Wee't Wee Gallery in Amsterdam
  • 3D Design at University of Wolverhampton
  • Worked a draughtsman/designer using AutoCAD


2009 Conflict Resolution evening class at UCC
2005 - 6 Practical Sustainability at Kinsale College of F.E.
2005 Goat Island collaborative performance course at Triskel Arts Centre
2004 - 5 Arts and Empowerment facilitation course at Crawford College of Art
2002 - 3 Blacksmithing in Hereford, National School of Blacksmithing
1997-2000 Ba(Hons) 3D Craft design in University of Wolverhampton
1994-1996 Btec in Engineering in Birmingham
1994-1996 City & Guilds in 2D and 3D AutoCAD
1986-1991 Received 6 Gcses C and above and an A in Design Technology


2010 Group Show as part of the Spring fair, at Kismit, Kinsale.
'A little bit of D.I.Y.' solo exhibition Glen Studios, Kinsale.
Sculptures at Glastonbury festival of performing arts.

2009 Interactive bike sculpture at Cork arts cycling festival.
Group show at 'Green Door 'exhibition, Kinsale.
Sculpture exhibition as part of Green Crafts space at the Electric Picnic festival.

2008 Group show at Unitarian church, Cork.
Interactive bike sculpture at Cork arts cycling festival.
Shadow puppet installation as part of 24 Hour Performance, Wexford Arts Centre (
'Power Games' Installation and performance at Reliance Building, Cork.
'Get it in Writing' fire sculpture at Mantua Arts Festival, Roscommon.

2007 Experimental shadow performance as part of 24 Hour Performance, Tigh fili, Cork.
Collaborative fire sculpture installation at Connemara Roots Festival, Inishbofin.
Bike sculptures at 'Festival of the bulls, Blackpool'.
2006 'Horses for Courses' Show with Tom Campbell, English Market, Cork City.
'It'S nOt aLL hunKy dOry' Group show in Tigh Fili Arts Centre, Cork.
Collaborated with artist Tom Campbell to perform for 24 hours and create art installation at Tigh fili arts centre.
2005 Bike art and sculpture at Inferno; a collaboration with Comagnie Doedel ( and Cork Circus (
'Persistance' solo show at the Tigh Fili arts centre, Cork.
'March of the Machines' solo show at Shandon Tattoo parlour, Cork.
'Suck' installation at the National Sculpture Factory, Cork. (

2003 Group show at Temporary Autonomous Art show in London (
2001 Solo show exploring power structures at Wee't Wee Gallery in Amsterdam.
2000 Site artist at Northern Green Gathering, and organised site specific collaborative sculpture.